Custom Stainless Steel Wine Tanks From A Supplier Who Has Grown Alongside The Industry.

We build Custom Engineered Wine Tanks / Fermenters in Spokane, WA, to dependably produce world-class wine, day in, and day out. Like you, we're serious about quality and customer service. Let us show you why many award-winning wineries choose Spokane Stainless Technologies to supply their tanks. Family owned. Always Made In USA.

Custom crafted stainless steel wine tanks from Spokane Stainless Technologies are always a wise investment. We build dimpled cooling jacketed and insulated stainless steel wine tanks / fermenters, and our decades of experience shows! We offer all types of winemaking tanks, including Fermenters, Storage, Barreling, Portable, Variable Capacity, and Bottling tanks. We are your "One-Stop" for all of you tank needs!

Spokane Stainless Technologies, the Northwest's leading stainless steel wine tank manufacturer, engineers, builds, and supplies superior quality, custom engineered stainless steel wine tanks, fermenters, and cider tanks to wineries all over North America. Focused on safety, quality craftsmanship, value and on-time delivery, we can be relied upon to transform your winemaking ideas from initial concepts to beautiful finished stainless steel tanks and fermenters. Hundreds of wineries have entrusted us to provide stainless steel tanks and fermenters for their newly formed or successfully established businesses. We look forward to supplying your winery.

We offer custom constructed wine tanks and fermenters, cider tanks and fermenters, jacketed tanks, open top tanks, floating top tanks, stackable tanks and totes, portable or fork-liftable tanks and totes, and now the new CleanSweep® No Entry® Wine Fermenter and Tapered Stainless Steel "Egg" Wine Fermenters.

It is always our goal to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are grateful to our wine clients who come back to us year after year. We are one of the most recommended custom stainless steel tank manufacturers in North America. We truly appreciate your trust. We look forward to working with you to supply your winery with new tanks.

Spokane Stainless Technologies strives to provided the best value in stainless steel wine tanks, fermenters, and cider tanks in the industry!
All of our tanks are custom manufactured in Spokane, Washington, USA. Contact Spokane Stainless Technologies today for more information about:

- Custom engineered stainless wine tanks and fermenters
- Tanks sized 400 to 52,000 gallons
- NEW!!! Tapered Stainless Steel "Egg Shaped" wine tanks
- CleanSweep® No Entry® Wine Fermenter  Variable capacity wine tanks with lift arms
- Floating top wine tanks
- Open top wine tanks
- Stackable wine tanks or totes (fermentation and storage)
- Portable wine tanks or totes - Lids, Manways, Screens, and Jackets available
- Fork-liftable wine tanks or totes
- Wine and cider tanks available with a wide variety of manway options
- Any style of wine or cider tank top or bottom is available
- Stands, legs, fork-pockets, or pad mount wine or cider tanks
- Cider tanks and cider fermenters

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