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When you get one, you will wonder how you did without!

The HandiFueler® UAV Fuel Service Cart is engineered to provide an efficient solution to the challenges of servicing UAVs. With the HandiFueler, a single trip is all that is necessary to service fuel and fluids.
The HandiFueler® UAV Fuel Service Cart is engineered to provide an efficient solution to the challenges of servicing UAVs. With the HandiFueler, a single trip is all that is necessary to service fuel and fluids.

The HandiFueler is just as adept at defueling as it is at refueling. With the flick of one valve, the HandiFueler is ready to defuel. The refuel/defuel hose can connect to SPR receptacles, tanks sump points, or through a tank filler neck (for overwing style tanks). All routine UAV servicing requirements are at the operator's fingertips: The HandiFueler is equipped to handle all normal routine UAV servicing of fuel, fluids. The open design of the pump platform provides easy access to all controls and safety equipment.

Multi-mode operation, standard: The HandiFueler fuel pump can operate from two sources: The on-board low maintenance batteries or the charger/power supply. Fully stand-alone operation allows creation of a remote UAV refueling point, if required. HandiFueler sports a full defuel capability: Rigid or flex defuel wands replace the refuel nozzle to fit most fuel tank filler necks. Mode configuring takes only seconds and is as simple as turning a valve. Removed fuel is fully filtered with the dual-stage filtration system before going back into the tank. The system can recirculate fuel through the filters, if required.

- Loaded with thoughtful features:
- Available in 200, 400 and 600 gallon size
- 15 gallons per minute, refuel / defuel
- SPR nozzle compatible
- Aviation grade dual stage filtration (Coalescer and Monitor)
- Double-walled, stainless steel tank - integrated spill containment
- Fuel meter
- Retractable hose reel
- Full length stainless hose guides
- Lockable nozzle, manway and fill port
- Reel mounted bonding / grounding clamps
- Bottom drain / tank sample port
- Pre and post filter fuel quality sample ports
- PPE stowage
- PIG Spill kit
- Handy fuel log stowage
- Heavy-duty mobility tie downs
- Fork-lift pockets, both sides
- Non-slip side step
- All LED lighting

HandiFueler Specifications
Specifications of Spokane Industries HandiFueler
The HandiFueler® is a great idea that is getting a lot of attention!

Safety First!: Safe operation and environmental cleanliness is paramount: The HandiFueler's defuling hoses drain the aircraft cleanly, without spilling a drop of fuel, eliminating personnel exposure. Draining cleanly means HandiFueler is environmentally friendly. The HandiFueler is the Fastest, Safest and Cleanest UAV/UAS defuel solution available.

Some of the thoughtful safety features include (get ready, it's a long list!):

-  Low profile tank makes overturning practically impossible
-  Double-walled stainless steel tank self-contains any possible leaks; easy to access inspection port on tank bottom
-  Open design of pump platform prevents dangerous buildup of fuel vapors
-  Auto-recirculate valve protects pump overheating by preventing "dead-heading" when nozzle is not in operation
-  Lockable top manway and fuel fill port prevents fuel contamination (Nobody dumping used oil into your fuel supply)
-  Top fill with z shaped internal tube; prevents static buildup from free-fall of fuel during cart filling operations
-  All sealed LED lighting; in addition to low current draw, LED lamps run cool for safe operation around fuel vapors
-  Carbon impregnated fuel hose; prevents static generation and buildup during fueling/defueling
-  Emergency kill "E-Stop" button allows immediate shutdown of pump in an emergency situation
-  10 pound "Purple K" fire extinguisher mounted for fast access in an emergency
-  Bonding clamp to equalize static voltage potential between refueler and equipment under service; mitigates spark generation from moving fuel
-  Aviation grade coalescing filter; removes particulates and water from fuel
-  Aviation grade monitor filter; monitors water content of fuel; limited fuel drying capabilities, and flow stop if fuel contamination is present
-  All electrical components are UL/CE rated
-  Oversized universal spill kit (PIG); respond to accidental spills from Handifueler, or to spills from other ramp sources as a "first responder"
-  Automatic shutoff fuel nozzle
-  Fuel flow is about 15 GPM, very similar to the automotive gas station experience
-  Sealed, leakproof Optima batteries provide long run time with full safety in a fueling environment
-  Metal (NEMA) electrical box, grounded and sealed against vapors and weather
-  Clear cover over electrical box terminal to prevent electric shock
-  Aggressive non-skid material applied to side steps to prevent slipping

Contact us! We look forward to proving that the HandiFueler UAV/UAS Fuel Service Cart is a Safe and Effective refuel/defuel method to service UAVs on the ramp, or in the field.

We guarantee you will wonder how you serviced your aircraft without it!
What Users Are Saying About HeliFueler  

Observations and Accolades

The HeliFueler provides a degree of defueling mobility we didn't have before. So much easier to use than prior methods. Our vacuum defueler stays near the hangar, and our HeliFueler is employed on the tarmac.

1106th TASMG, CA ANG, Fresno, CA
We were tired of waiting hours on a HEMTT to do what HeliFueler can do in a few minutes. We can mobilize our HeliFuelers into landing zones simply unaccessable to HEMMTs.

101st Combat Aviation Brigade, Ft Campbell, KY
We love how easy it is to use the HeliFueler on the ramp at home, and then quickly send it to a remote landing zone for defueling or refueling support.
Drug Enforcement Program, US State Dept., Patrick AFB, FL
It is so easy to roll the HeliFueler into position in our service hangars. Two people can move it from aircraft to aircraft, even when nearly full. Defueling is much easier, now.

United Rotorcraft, Centennial Airport, Centennial, CO

More Information

The HandiFueler® is engineered to provide an efficient solution to the challenges of servicing UAVs. With the HandiFueler®, a single trip is all that is necessary to service fuel, fluids, and tires/struts. It is safe and quick, too!

HandiFueler UAS Publications

HandiFueler UAS Brochure
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HandiFueler UAS Manual
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NOTES: The posted HeliFueler manual is a commercial manual only.
A DoD/USA TO publication is not currently available

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