Custom Engineered Stainless Steel Process Vessels From An Experienced and Skillful Supplier.

Put Our Experience To Work Building Custom Stainless Steel Processing Vessels/Tanks, Modular Process Skids, Cosmetics/Personal Care Products, Biopharma, Food, and Beverage Tanks That Perform!

Spokane Stainless Technologies expertly manufactures custom Stainless Steel Processing Vessels, Modular Process Skids, Bioreactors, Beverage Tanks, Food Processing Tanks, Pharmaceutical Vessels, and Custom Components.

We can build to our specifications, or yours. We are certified by
ASME and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to engineer and manufacture tanks and pressure vessels to the applicable code(s).

Spokane Stainless technologies' produces custom tailored stainless steel vessels, tanks, and components that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Our in-house design and engineering department works with you and your team to ensure no requirement is overlooked. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to fabricate your tanks, modular process skids, process vessels, and custom stainless steel components, ensuring your complete satisfaction. We employ some of the most knowledgeable and talented stainless steel craftsmen in the business.

On-time delivery is one of our hallmarks - You can rely on us!

Spokane Stainless Technologies, a dependable partner in your company's success!

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More Information

- Custom engineered sizes ranging from 1100 liters to 190,000 liters, 300 gallons to 50,000 gallons
- Nearly 50 years of experience building custom stainless steel vessels and tanks
- Certified by Underwriters Laboratories to engineer and manufacture UL 142 spirits and flammable liquid storage vessels
- Accredited by ASME to engineer and manufacture ASME pressure vessels
- In-house design, engineering, and quality departments
- State-of-the-art manufacturing tools and processes
- Extremely experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen
- Timely and reliable delivery
- Attentive after-sale service
- Always, Made in the U.S.A.!
We begin by determining your needs and tailoring the vessel to your exact requirements. Our in-house design and engineering staff will work with you to make sure nothing is overlooked. Then, our experienced craftsmen will construct your vessel/tank using state-of-the art manufacturing tools and processes. And, if you ever need us, you'll find our after-sale service is second to none!

Vessels and tanks from Spokane Stainless Technologies are used by pharma companies, personal care products producers, beverage makers and food processing plants across North America to produce products of all types. We can produce custom:

- Pharmaceutical Vessels and Tanks
- Bioreactors
- Processing Vessels
- Modular Process Skids
- Brite Tanks (Carbonating)
- Mixing Tanks
- Blending Tanks
- Storage tanks
- Brining Tanks
- Potable Water Tanks
- Food Oil Storage Tanks
- UL 142 flammable Liquid Storage and Handling Vessels
- ASME Pressure Vessels
- ASME Steam Jacketed Tanks
- Jacketed Cooling Tanks and Chutes
- Ribbon Mixers
- Cookers
- Kettles
- Bottling Tanks
- Reactors
- Piping and Plumbing
- And Almost Anything Else!

We have become one of the top and most recommended manufacture of stainless steel vessels in the USA! Now offering small portable tanks, too. Rely on Spokane Stainless Technologies to craft and deliver custom vessels/tanks that will dependably operate in your process for decades to come!

Process Tank and Skid Brochure

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Process Tank Sales

Rick England
Product Manager

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Thai Johnson
Parts Manager

Phone Numbers
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Rick England
Product Manager

Phone Numbers
509-921-8852 Direct
509-570-6932 Mobile
509-927-0826  Fax


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