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HeliFueler® Helicopter Fuel Cart

With the HeliFueler®, maintenance crews can take control of the defueling process, draining and sumping aircraft without time-consuming gravity draining, or waiting for a HEMTT to do what you could have finished hours ago.

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HandiFueler® UAS Fuel Cart

The HandiFueler® UAV Fuel Service Cart is engineered to provide an efficient solution to the challenges of servicing UAVs. The HandiFueler is just as adept at defueling as it is at refueling. With the flick of one valve, it is ready to defuel.

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SealVac® Vacuum Fuel Drain Bowser

The SealVac® is the World's most popular fuel drain bowser by a wide margin. Thousands are in use around the globe, speeding the process of defueling and depuddling, without spilling fuel or exposing personnel. Available in 200, 400, and 600 gallon sizes.

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HandiFueler® AGE Fuel Cart

The HandiFueler® AGE Fuel Service Cart is a ground support refueler / defueler engineered to provide a safe and efficient solution to the challenges of servicing aircraft Aerospace Ground Equipment / Ground Support Equipment.

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Custom Processing Tanks

Spokane Stainless Technologies offers world-class engineering and expert craftsmanship. This is evident in our Processing, Biopharma, Food, and Beverage tanks: Mixing, Cooking, Canning, Storing, Bottling, Blanching, or any other part of the process. Let us help you with your tank requirements.

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Custom Wine Fermenters

Our wine tanks are all over the western United States! A wide variety of custom features are availble. Let us help you design your new tanks! 300 - 42,000 gallons.

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Custom Distillery Tanks

A trusted and frequently recommended tank souce, Distillers are proud to show off thier beautiful Spokane Stainless Technologies tanks. These workhorse tanks are producing award winning spirits all over North America. UL-142 Combustable/Flammable Liquids certified tank manufacturer

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Potable Water Tanks

Vertical, horizontal, oval, obround, skidded, and truck mounted tanks, 400 - 36,000 gallons are our specialty.

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Landscape and Agricultural Chemical Truck Tanks

Landscapers and lawn care experts trust Spokane Stainless Technologies to produce custom stainless tanks of all types to fit their existing truck chassis. Options such as work decks, integrated fenders, multiple tank compartments, integrated storage cabinets, and equipment stowage areas are popular.

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Our Certifications


Spokane Stainless Technologies is an ASME accredited firm (U, U/M, and H stamps), permitting us to engineer, build and mark pressure vessels, vacuum vessels, and steam jackets.


Spokane Stainless Technologies is certified by Underwriters Labratories to engineer, build and mark UL 142 above-ground tanks for flammable and combustable liquids.


The Spokane Stainless Technologies SealVac® Vacuum Fuel Drain Bowser is certified to compliy with "Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection Standards set forth by EU regulations." It was awarded a CE mark to confirm European Conformity (Conformité Européenne).


Spokane Stainless Technologies is certificated by the US Department of Transportation to engineer and build US highway transportable truck/trailer tanks.


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